Based on our wide-ranging experience, and always putting the customer’s needs first, we offer forward-looking solutions to problems in the maritime industries. The latest navigation technology reduces the risk of future incidents and offers improved efficiency and lower emissions. We investigate some solutions and how they can benefit the shipping industry.

GC85 Expanded Gyro System

GC80/85 Expanded MK2 Gyro compass has been designed for any size of vessels to enhance the navigational capabilities and reliability. The Gyro compass eliminates the inconvenience and limitations of magnetic compasses, and provides a variety of electrical outputs to supply accurate and consistent heading information to other navigational equipment.

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The AIS700 from Raymarine is a Class B Automatic Identification System (AIS) transceiver designed for use with Raymarine multifunction navigation display systems. As a Class B AIS transceiver, the AIS700 not only receives broadcasts from other vessels, it also transmits your own boat’s information too helping you to be seen on other vessels’ systems.

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Garmin Ais 800 Blackbox Transceiver

Increase your situational awareness and confidence on the water with the Garmin AIS 800 transceiver. It has 5 watts of transmit power and provides faster position reporting than ever before¹. It transmits your vessel information to other AIS receivers in your area while it receives their AIS target data. Garmin AIS 800 has an internal VHF antenna splitter, which allows the VHF and AIS to share a single antenna. It includes a built-in GPS (with connector for optional external antenna) and integrates seamlessly into the Garmin onboard system. The transceiver features NMEA 2000/0183 connectivity for easy integration with compatible chartplotters and multifunction displays. And it’s all packed into an easy-to-install black box unit with a small footprint.


NORSUB Motion Reference Units (MRU) are high performance, compact and affordable. NORSUB MRUs use state-of-the-art MEMS technology and advanced sensor fusion algorithms. This results in accurate and reliable roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway and heave position and velocity measurements. The performance is great also during horizontal accelerations and coupled motions.

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K-Bridge ARPA radar is our latest series of type approved ARPA radars. It is provided as a stand alone ARPA radar or as a fully integrated part of the K-Bridge integrated navigation system. It provides superior target tracking and has advanced navigation integration with multi-sensor input. K-Bridge can include electronic chart functions and automatic navigation and track steering when part of a K-Bridge integrated bridge system. The colour display presents a square radar picture, which gives an increased active radar display area for better traffic surveillance. A dedicated operator panel gives ease of operation

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