The most all-inclusive offering of the latest advanced Satellite Communications equipment from the most respected Satcom manufacturers worldwide.  As a regional distributor and Product developer ITES plays a vital role in deploying Satcom equipment in Mediterranean and South-East Europe to recognized companies and governmental agencies.


The ABD400DC from Actox is a C-Band BUC that up-converts an input frequency from 950-1825 MHz to an RF frequency from 5.850-6.725 GHz with a LO frequency of 4.90 GHz. This BUC delivers a saturated output power of 400 W and linear power of 197 W with a gain of 82 dB. The ABD400DC is based on GaN technology which enables high efficiency, low power consumption, and high reliability. It features power and lock status LED indicators, a digital temperature compensation circuit, and supports advanced M&C interfaces such as RS-232/485, Ethernet (HTTP and SNMP ver. 3), and optional FSK. This RoHS- compliant BUC is available in a module that measures 382.5 x 351 x 145.5 mm with an N or F-type (field-exchangeable) IF connectors at the input port and a CPR-137 G interface at the output port and is suitable for mobile applications. It requires an AC supply voltage from 80 to 240 V and consumes up to 1520 W of power.

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TZ1006 Series

The TZ1006 Series from Global Skyware is a Block-Up Converter that converts an input frequency from 950 to 1700 MHz to an output frequency from 13.75 to 14.5 GHz. It provides a P1dB of up to 34.5 dBm with a gain of over 50 dB. The device requires a supply voltage of 13 to 28 V and consumes up to 24 watts of power. This IP67-rated BUC is available in a compact package with an F-receptacle female connector at the input and a WR75 interface at the output. It is CE, RED, and RoHS-2 compliant.

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Ku-Band AnaSat Transceiver

The AnaSat SATCOM Transceivers from AnaCom operate in the Ku-band with a transmit frequency from 13.75 to 14.5 GHz and Receive frequency from 10.95 to 12.75 GHz. The transceivers are available in multiple output power levels up to 125 watts, in single and redundant configurations. The upconvertor, downconvertor, power amplifier, monitor, power supply are integrated in a single enclosure. An ovenized, high stability crystal oscillator is used to lock the Tx and Rx synthesizers. These SATCOM Transceivers are ideal for Single Channel Per Carrier, Multiple Channels Per Carrier and Demand Assigned Multiple Access applications.

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The MBT-4000 is a Multi-Band RF Transceivers that is designed to perform C, X, Ku or Ka RF to L-Band down conversion and L-Band to C, X, Ku or Ka RF upconversion. Each frequency band has a separate part number. The MBT-4000 supports two independent converter modules i.e Up-converter and Down-Converter. The MBT-4000 is ideal for Earth stations where L-Band IF products are being integrated into a 70/140 MHz IF infrastructure and Reconfigurable multi-band requirements that are typically found in transportable/flyaway type installations.

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Integra Technologies offers the IGT1112M90 X-band, GaN/SiC power transistor designed to meet the requirements of radar systems operating in the X-band. Operating in the 10.8 – 11.8 GHz frequency range with under 150µs, 10% duty cycle pulse conditions, the device supplies a minimum of 90 W of peak output power, with an associated 9 dB of gain and 35% efficiency. The IGT1112M90 operates from a 50 V supply voltage. For optimal thermal efficiency, the transistor is housed in a metal-based package with an epoxy sealed ceramic lid. Additional features include:

• GaN on SiC HEMT Technology

• Output Power >90 W

• Fully matched to 50 W Impedance at both Input and Output

• High Efficiency - up to 43%

•100% RF Tested

•RoHS and REACH Compliant

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Wolfspeed’s CG2H800 (15-120) D is a gallium-nitride (GaN) high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT). GaN has superior properties compared to silicon or gallium arsenide; including higher breakdown voltage; higher saturated electron drift velocity; and higher thermal conductivity. GaN HEMTs offer greater power density and wider bandwidths compared to Si and GaAs transistors.

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