Eco Energy

Renewable energy products: Renewable energy (sustainable energy or alternative energy) from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat can be naturally replenished. This source of energy is more environmentally safe than traditional energy.

Q.PEAK DUO XL-G9.3 445-465 (Panels)

Q CELLS is the first solar module manufacturer to pass the most comprehensive quality programme in the industry: The new “Quality Controlled PV” of the independent certification institute TÜV Rheinland.

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Solarwatt glass-glass modules are robust and resilient. Thanks to their modern design, they deliver the highest long-term yields. The high-performance PERC-solar cells are embedded almost indestructibly in the glass-glass composite and thus optimally protected against all weather effects and mechanical stress. Solarwatt can therefore offer a 30-year warranty on performance and product quality

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STORION T50/T100 (Storage)

The AlphaESS Storion-T50/T100 energy storage system is an off-grid system. The excessive energy generated by the PV will be stored in the batteries. The stored energy can be used when the PV is not generating enough energy. When connected with a generator, if there is neither enough PV supply nor enough stored energy, the loads will be automatically powered by generator through STS (Smart Transform Switch).

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Battery flex AC-1 is a modularly expandable Lithium-ion battery storage system for increasing energy self-sufficiency. It is suitable for existing and new installations.

• 4.8 to 57.6 kWh usable energy
• plug-in connection of the battery modules without any cabling
• single person installation possible (25 kg per module)
• certified as per „Safety guidelines for Li-ion household battery systems “
• remotely updateable

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Bornay (Wind Turbines)

With the new Wind+ system, you have total control of the wind turbine revolutions, a control that guarantees perfect functioning of the system. Furthermore, the new model is able to optimize to the maximum the power extracted from the machine, since it supervises all the parameters in order to obtain the point of maximum power at all times.

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SilentWind Pro 24v / 48v

The Silentwind wind generator is designed to charge batteries on sailing vessels by converting wind energy into electricity. The generator has been developed and produced for use in marine environment. It can be used in various wind conditions: small, medium and high. Silentwind is lightweight (6kg), built in aluminum alloy suitable for marine environment, corrosion protected, stainless steel shaft, waterproof sealed bearings.

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