We Deliver High-Quality Engineering Projects


Through our services, ITES take the best technical engineering solutions.

Terrestrial Communications

ITES Digital Terrestrial Communications Unit is a European authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over eight hundred industry-leading…

Satellite Communications

ITES Satellite Communications builds on its experience and knowledge to offer customers its solutions which use the most up-to-date communication technologies available…

Maritime Communications

ITES Maritime Communication take advantage of cooperation with popular Marine equipment manufactures we are pleased to offer an extensive range of …

Featured Projects

With ITES you can meet the creation of a unique product or system. Concept, Engineering, Industrialization.

GH Sport Fishing 20

The idea behind the GH SPORT FISHING 20 concept is combining bay boat and a traditional fishing boat. Design, strong characteristic sport fishing comfort utility and high performance . The exterior lines are as functional and the new shape of the hull are all contributing to improve the boat’s aerodynamics and boat stability.

Energy Green Hydrogen & Offshore Wind

 The concept of Hydrogen & Offshore Wind combining .

Shortly about us

IntrigueTech Engineering Services is a newly established company in Cyprus. Aim of our foundation, is to work on delivering pioneered – integrated solutions in order to safeguard sustainability and quality of your company services.We are committed to provide the best systems and products to businesses and individual clients..

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Contact Us

Please complete the online contact form if you have any project in mind, questions regarding any of our solutions or any other inquiries.


Updates & Advice

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